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Dr. Kate Darling is a Research Specialist at the MIT Media Lab and author of THE NEW BREED. Her interest is in how technology intersects with society. Kate’s current work looks at the near-term effects of robotic technology, with a particular interest in law, social, and ethical issues. She runs experiments, holds workshops, writes, and speaks about some of the more interesting developments in the world of human-robot interaction, and where we might find ourselves in the future.

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There has been a lot of ink devoted to discussions of how robots will replace us and take our jobs. But MIT Media Lab researcher and technology policy expert Kate Darling offers a different path. From a social, legal, and ethical perspective, she shows that robots are likely to supplement―rather than replace―our own skills and relationships. If we consider our history of incorporating animals into our work, transportation, military, and even families, we actually have a solid basis for how to contend with this future. —

Book covered during the talk

Kate Darling (2021). The New Breed: What Our History with Animals Reveals about Our Future with Robots.