Talking Robotics


Organizers: Patrícia Alves-Oliveira, Silvia Tulli, Miguel Vasco — contact us: talkingrobotics at gmail dot com, twitter, youtube


Talking Robotics is a series of virtual seminars about Robotics and its interaction with other relevant fields, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Design Research, Human-Robot Interaction, among others. We aim to promote reflections, dialogues, and a place to network.


Talking Robotics happens virtually and bi-weekly, i.e., every other week, allocating 30 min for presentation and 30 min for Q&A and networking. Sessions have a roundtable format where everyone is welcome to share ideas. Recordings and materials are shared in this website.

Security issues: Zoom links are publicly available on our communication channels; thus, we kindly ask participants to rename themself - e.g., First Name + Last Name (Affiliation/Country) - when joining the session. We welcome suggestions on how to improve the security of these meetings.

Talks Schedule

Check our calendar or download the .ics

Upcoming Talks

30th October 2020 - 4pm UTC (GMT)
Taras Kucherenko "Gesticulating Agents: Why and How?" - zoom link - details

13th November 2020
Natalia Calvo “How children build a trust model of a social robot in the first encounter?” - details

27th November 2020
Manuel Bied “Integrating an Observer in Interactive Reinforcement Learning to Learn Legible Trajectories” - details

11th December 2020
Nikolas Martelaro “Remote User Research for Human-Robot Interaction” - details

5th February 2021
Glenda Hannibal “Trust in HRI Through a Philosophical Lens” - details

5th March 2021
Kim Baraka “Socially Interactive Intelligence for Co-Assistive Human-Robot Systems”

Past Talks

16th October 2020 at 9am PT | 4pm GMT | 6pm CET
Homanga Bharadhwaj “Learning RL policies adaptive to variations in the environment” - details

2nd October 2020
Naomi Fitter “Everything I Know about Telepresence” - details

25th September 2020
Hang Yin “Efficient Representations in Learning Visual Planning and Contact-rich Tasks” - details

4th September 2020
Michael Jae-Yoon Chung “Iterative Repair of Social Robot Programs from Implicit User Feedback via Bayesian Inference” - talk - details