Talking Robotics is a series of virtual seminars that aim to promote reflections and dialogues about Robotics and its interaction with adjacent fields. Talking Robotics happens virtually and bi-weekly, i.e., every other week, allocating 30 min for presentation and 30 min for Q&A and networking. Sessions have a roundtable format where everyone is welcome to share ideas. Recordings and materials are shared in this website.

If you would like to nominate anyone (including yourself!) as a speaker, or have any feedback whatsoever about the format or content about our talks, please visit our feedback page.

Talks Schedule

5 October 2023
Micah Carroll
What We Want *Will* Change! What Should We Optimize For?

19 October 2023
Lindsay Sanneman
Transparent Value Alignment: Foundations for Human-Centered Explainable AI in Alignment