Nils Hagberg



Nils Hagberg is the Product Owner at Furhat Robotics. He is a computer linguist with almost ten years of industry experience in human-machine interaction and conversational technology. At Furhat Robotics, Nils acts as the glue between the technology and the outside world. Demoing the robot, teaching developers about the platform and managing the road map of future development of the Furhat Robot in research.

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Ever since computers were introduced into our daily lives, and especially since the computers were small enough to fit in our pocket, technology has shaped the development of our societies. The power of the new technology has driven our workplaces, our societies and even ourselves to become more machine-like. But there is another way - we can create technology that celebrates the human experience and that puts the burden on the computers to adapt to us rather than the other way around. In this talk, I will give a few examples of human-centric business case designs that I’ve come across earlier in my career and at Furhat Robotics - the social robotics company that have set out to make technology more human. My hope for this talk is that it will put your own work in a larger context and nudge you towards a path that will ensure humans will be allowed to remain human. I will have Furhat robot with me in the talk - and maybe it will give us its perspective as well.